Tear trough treatment

Dark, sunken and discoloured area under eyes. The aging of the eyes and surrounding areas is a common concern for many people. Dark ridges and a lack of volume below the eyes not only make us look tired but also add years to our appearance.

Non-surgically, tear troughs can be treated with dermal fillers and help to smooth the transition between the lower eyelid and the cheek.

Summary of your anti-wrinkle treatment

Procedure Time

15 minutes estimated

Back to work

Immediate estimated


Local anaesthetic cream


Patient rarely report this procedure as painful

Sensitivity period

1 hour estimated

Duration of results

9-12 months, noticeable immediately

Risk & complications

Bruising, swelling, infection, redness, More here

Tear trough treatment

What is the 'tear trough'?

It is the dark ridge area that develops underneath each eye. These lines are unique and generally difficult to treat, however, much progress has been made in this field of non-surgical aesthetics.

Those lines could be a part of changes in accordance with age but can also be seen in young patients with genetic predisposition.

Tear trough treatment

How does a tear trough occur?

The natural ageing process of the under eye area goes along with bone recession and drooping of the fat pads in and around the eyes. Each fat compartment develops itself on its own. They separate and disperse, forming hollows, ridges and folds. The result of this mechanism is an overall tired appearance, discolouration and dark circles under eyes.

Tear trough treatment

What is the aim of tear trough treatment?

Tear Trough filler treatment achieves a correction of these volume deficits and improving the tone of the skin around the eyes. The filler is placed in specific deficit points to ensure the volume added improves the area in a natural way. The colour of the skin and skin tone should also improve following the administration of the hyaluronic acid as water is drawn to the area.

Tear trough treatment

What’s involved in treatment?

The treatment involves 3 or 4 injections under each eye. Prior to procedure, the skin is anaesthetised using anaesthetic cream so it is virtually pain free. It takes in about 15 minutes to complete the treatment. 1ml is the recommended dose by the manufacturer, however, in a minority of cases an additional dosage is needed which is best carried out at least one week after the initial treatment. Results are noticeable immediately.

Tear trough treatment

What product is used?

Teosyal Redensity II. A dermal filler is the only licensed product for this treatment as it doesn't form lumps. Other fillers could potentially be used too, however, they more likely tend to migrate with time and create the appearance of a lump.

Tear trough treatment

What’s the treatment protocol?

One treatment with results lasting 9 – 12 months.

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